Founded in 1994, Weiss Advocacia is a diversified law firm that provides consulting and legal advice in the areas of civil, labor, consumer, tax, business, administrative and criminal law.

Present in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Juiz de Fora and Belo Horizonte, the firm is part of a renowned alliance of law firms, the ALAE – Alliance of Business Lawyers, which has national coverage and in Latin America, being a partner in the European Union to the firm
Bolson&s – Abogados e Consultoria Internacional

The performance of the office is guided by ethics, transparency and agility, with a qualified team focused on the provision of maximum quality legal services, with full availability and personalized service.

The close contact with the client, with the constant update about its operations, as well as the interdisciplinary analysis of the cases, are some of the purposes of the office, aiming to offer consistent and creative guidelines
to the clients.